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Leon Labastide

Leon Labastide

Leon Labastide is a SpokenWord artist and an author of three books including : Breath of Life Poetry, Here Comes The Dreamers: the Journey, and Transparency (all published within five years). A frequent performer at venues including poetry events, church services, college campuses, motivational conferences, and book tours in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Curaçao and Guyana. Mr. Labastide mesmerizes audiences with his inspirational prose, insightful short stories, and authentic life experiences. His story telling skills will not be silence.
Labastide currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He strives to spread words of wisdom to many nations around the world using this God given talent ( poetry ) to motivate his and emerging his generations to speak out.

Labastide’s books can be purchased on,,, and

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Instagram: @LeonLabastide & @SpokenWordandCoffee
Facebook: @SpokenWordAndCoffee & @LeonDLabastide
Twitter: @ Mr_Labastide
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